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Charles "Chuck" Lindholm

1931 - 2004

Charles "Chuck" Lindholm was during the 1962 Seattle World's Fair "Century 21" the Maintenance and Operations Supervisor of the Alweg Company. After the Fair, when the Alweg Company had presented the monorail to Century 21, Inc., he became the Monorail Operations Manager.

"After the City of Seattle took over operation of the Seattle Center, he worked in electrical construction on many large projects in the Seattle area, including the Westin Hotel, Metro Tunnel, and West Point Water Treatment Facility. He also worked on the construction and installation of modular facilities for the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, oil industry and various other projects in Alaska, California, Montana, and Idaho. He believed in giving "eight for eight" in any project he was involved in and was well respected in his trade."



Charles "Chuck" Lindholm at the controls of one of the Seattle Alweg Monorail trains in 1962. - Photo reproduction with kind permission of M. E. Lindholm. Photo copyright M. E. Lindholm.

Before joining Alweg Charles "Chuck" Lindholm had worked in Disneyland, where he had been responsible for the electrical maintenance of the Disney-Alweg monorail. In the course of Alweg's Seattle monorail project Charles "Chuck" Lindholm was in Braunschweig, West Germany, at the LHB-plant (builder of the Seattle Alweg trains), where together with the German Alweg engineers he coordinated the installation of American equipment components in the trains.

During this time Charles "Chuck" Lindholm of course also visited Alweg's Cologne offices and facilities.

And it was during this time that I first met Chuck Lindholm. He visited us in our Cologne apartment. I was thirteen years old then and Chuck was the first American I ever met in person.

Months later we again met, - this time in Seattle. Chuck gave our family first guided tours through the Seattle area, including an unforgettable first car tour (in his for us amazing '59 Chevrolet Impala) all the way to the Canadian border, - introducing us also to American apple pie with ice cream.

Just like that, as if he had known us for a long time already!

Chuck made us feel very welcome in this for us totally new world. We became good friends and it was a sad day when we had to leave Seattle in 1966. We however never lost touch and in 1998 Chuck and his wife Mary visited Cologne for a very personal and moving "Alweg reunion" with our family.

For me Chuck was and always will be "the good American friend", - today one would also say "role model" !

For my father Chuck was not only a very respected and skilled professional, but also a highly regarded colleague and a true friend ...

A special Seattle Alweg Monorail souvenir made by Charles "Chuck" Lindholm and given to the author of this website in 1962 (the bottle contains glass from the Alweg Red Train windshield, shattered on the day before the World's Fair officially ended, when a driver had failed to brake the train correctly and struck the Westlake Mall station safety bumper; luckily no one was injured).


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